Otis Infrastructure Unleashes Sonic Brilliance with ‘In A Room / Out Of A Room’ EP – Exclusive Review!

The first impression we had while listening to Otis Infrastructure is that the band knows its way towards innovation; they have an artistic vision that leads to pushing the boundaries of sound and defying musical conventions.

The trio, comprising Dean Essner (guitar, vocals), Mike Perri (bass), and Alex Torres (drums, vocals), hails from the heart of the New York City area, where they have cultivated a distinctive sonic identity. The latest release from Otis Infrastructure, the “In A Room / Out Of A Room” EP, is a brilliant release that captures the listeners from start to finish.

The lead single, “In A Room,” is a sonic journey that seamlessly weaves together the familiar key songwriting and arrangement elements of their previous work while introducing a fresh and invigorating vibe. From the first note to the last, the song captivates with its engaging rhythms, dynamic shifts, and the exceptional performances of the talented trio.


“In A Room” is a true rollercoaster of musical exploration, showcasing the band’s experimental prowess and their ability to create mesmerizing vocal melodies. The EP’s second track, “Out Of A Room,” serves as a powerful counterpart, closing the circle with vibrant and compelling vibes.

Together, these songs underscore the versatility, creativity, and artistic maturity of Otis Infrastructure. As the trio continues to carve its path in the experimental rock landscape with the excellent “In A Room / Out Of A Room,” their project, Otis Infrastructure, invites listeners to join them on this sonic journey, where every note resonates with innovation, passion, and the boundless possibilities of musical expression.


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