PAINTER FINGERS – “Community Slowdown” Exclusive Review!

The real beauty of music doesn’t stay in the melody, rhythm, or genre of a song. In the overcrowded and often sterile nowadays music scene, people focus more on the superficial characteristics of music, forgetting that the real aim of music, like art, is to deliver a message. The real beauty of music is in the message, the emotions that the artist can freeze in time with his music and the ability to make them resonate deeply with the listener. Painter Fingers is one of those artists who know how to capture the moment, creating not only engaging music but also a very clear picture of our society. Today, at Planet Singer, we have the great pleasure of listening to his latest release, “Community Slowdown,” an engaging song that will stay in our favorite playlists for a long time.

Painter Fingers is the alter ego of talented musicians, singers, songwriters, and producer Travis Charles Hagan. Gifted with a very natural and intuitive musical talent, Hagan shaped his sound with influences from musical genres, creating songs with pop, rock, and indie sonorities, with a modern and fresh arrangement.

“Slow down, take it all in” is the opening line of this fantastic track, not only a line of the catchy lyrics but also a piece of advice that everyone should listen to and apply to their lives. “Community Slowdown” is a great track; the modern rhythm, the catchy base, and vocal melodies make this track flow smoothly, spreading positivity from start to finish. Painter Fingers did an outstanding job delivering an authentic testimony of what our society is going through, yet focusing on the bright side. The messages arrive direct and clear, also thanks to Travis’ great interpretation behind the microphone! Well done!

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