Paul Pedana announces his new album, ‘Moosehorn Algoreaper.’

Paul Pedana embarks on an epic musical journey, captivating audiences with his expansive new work. The album, consisting of 20 tracks spanning over an hour and twenty minutes, promises a deep dive into his unique artistry.

What sets this work apart is Pedana’s unconventional approach to production. The songwriter recorded the album in a remote town in Lithuania, crafting some instruments and incorporating the sounds of carpenter tools and various machineries, creating new and unusual atmospheres that add an extra layer of depth and originality to the music. Another notable element enhancing Pedana’s intricate and chameleon-like work is also the participation of acclaimed blues guitarist Dan Patlansky.

As Pedana declared, “The album it’s coated in the grit of factory oil, warm like an old foundry, infused with the aroma of Mississippi bar counter whiskey from the 1930s. It weaves narratives of the last wanderers on this planet, the unseen souls, the last ones, and their singular life stories.”

In the stark terrain of contemporary music, Moosehorn Algoreaper emerges as a potential magnum opus, destined to etch its mark in musical history. Far beyond a mere auditory escapade, it promises an authentic sonic odyssey, defying the constraints of conventional sound. Woven by the extraordinary ‘’musical artisan’’ Paul Pedana, it solidifies his status as one of the criminally underrated artists of our era—a gem hidden in the sonic wilderness.

The release date is set for May 2024.

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