PEACE SPIRITS – “Oh God” Exclusive Review!

In these times more than ever we need positivity, gratitude, and peace. Today we had the chance to listen to a band that makes positive vibes and serenity their main aim, bringing peace to all the listeners and hopefully help them during hard times.

Peace Spirits is a Canadian musical group formed by Singer/Songwriter Kyla Lynn Vezina and Drummer/Engineer/Producer John Lovaghy. Their latest single “Oh God” released and distributed as a free download under Bongo Boy Records, is one of those tracks everyone should listen to at least once a day.

The incredible sounds of this song remind to the best pop and progressive rock, with the beautiful voice of Kyla that put all her soul in every single word of the incredibly emotional and uplifting lyrics. “Oh God” is a gift for all the fans of positive music and inspiration for everyone. A big bravo also to the producer of the track for the incredible mixing and mastering work!

If you love positive songs and need serenity, check the link below and download a copy of Peace Spirits’ latest single “Oh God” for FREE. Share it with your loved ones and don’t forget to add their music to your favorite playlists!

Official Website:

Spotify:  Peace Spirits

FREE DOWNLOAD: “Oh God” Free Track

Facebook: Peace Spirits Band

Digital Stores: Peace Spirits

YouTube: Peace Spirits

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