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They say real Music shouldn’t be explained, just felt. Today at Planet Singer we had the proof that this is true, thanks to Prof.Cee’s latest releases and the powerful message they carry.

Prof.Cee is a talented Hip Hop artist originally from Sacramento, California. As only Big Artists do, Prof.Cee finds in music a way of expressing himself and healing those deep wounds that only time, art, and inner strength can heal. With Portuguese, Filipino and German roots, this talented artist has always been surrounded by music, thanks to his DJ father, and started creating his music starting from March, releasing a new track every week.

Prof.Cee’s style is fresh and modern, his attention to details and songwriting skills are always on point, digging deep in our society and bringing light on those problems that, for the majority of people, are still taboo. Prof.Cee is not afraid of writing songs about mental health disorders, drug abuse, and difficult relationship. His lyrics flow raw and strong like a stormy sea, carrying the listener toward places that our society often pretends not to exist. Online Singing Lessons

In my opinion, we need more Prof.Cees in the music scene, the world would be a more open, clear, and honest place if everyone would be able to speak the truth as he does. Songs such as “Your Company”, “If I” or the powerful “Listen” and “This Is True” are just a few of the great tracks he released recently. An outstanding rap artist and meaningful lyrics, supported by top-level beats and great production, this is Prof.Cee’s trademark and we can’t wait for a full-length release.

Don’t miss the chance to know more about Prof.Cee and his great music, and don’t forget to add his latest releases to your favorite playlists!

Instagram: Prof.Cee

YouTube: Professor Cee

Twitter: prof_cee2018

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