SCOTT HOPKINS – “Addicts Handbook” Exclusive Review!

Exciting, captivating, transcendental, there are so many words that could describe Scott Hopkins and his music. Listening to his tracks, the new ones especially, we can tell the difference between Rock musicians. Some stay constant in their genre despite the changes of the world around them, some continuously change to adapt to the trends, and those, like Scott, who can do both, evolving their sound, finding a new way to express themselves, but still keeping that unique and distinctive vibe that makes their sound so unique and intriguing! Today, at Planet Singer, we have the great pleasure of listening to his latest EP, “Addicts Handbook,” a four-song release that reveals once again the volcanic creativity of real talent!


We had the exclusive pleasure of discovering Scott’s music thanks to his previous “DEMO-LITION Demos And Live Tracks – LP Edition,” an outstanding release that introduced us to the world of this excellent musician! Talented songwriter, extraordinary guitarist, dad, producer, dedicated singer, and creative, Scott’s music career is incredible, rich of important and fierce choices, countless live performances and collaborations, solo projects, and a fast-growing fan base that supports his excellent music!


“Heavy Af Unify” introduces us to this new chapter in the career of this excellent musician, after a quick drum intro, Scott’s warm and rich voice welcomes us into this new musical journey. A slow-paced track that grows verse by verse towards an exciting crescendo, through intense lyrics, talk straight to the heart. Pure Rock from one of the last real rockers of this generation! The incredible guitar solo towards the end of the track gives that extra boost to a fantastic song, in true Hopkins style, the result is outstanding!


“Long Way Home – Heaven” is another rare gem; this is one of those songs you should listen to during a long drive, letting each word keep you company. The beautiful solo intermissions between the verses and the chorus add that unique vibe typical of Scott’s sound! “Long Way Home – Heaven,” with its great solo, can be considered a real iconic gem of modern rock music! “Addicts Handbook” is the title track from this excellent Ep, a warm and catchy track that, thanks to the fantastic arrangement, captivating vocal lines, and exciting guitars, steals the listeners’ attention from the very first second. This song is much more than just good music; it is a strong statement that carries a powerful and positive message for all those who are slowly discovering themselves, exploring their lives one day at a time.


“Liar” closes the circle with its energetic guitar intro and excellent riffs that sustain, once again, Scott’s outstanding vocal performance. Great lyrics and great guitar solos enrich this track, raw and honest like real rock music is meant to be! Scott’s music digs deep into the listener’s memory, sometimes hurting and turning the stillness into movement, the real engine of feelings. “Addicts Handbook” is a fantastic EP that shows once again the maturity of an artist that makes no compromise with his music, and we can’t wait for his next releases, and hopefully, a full-length album soon!


Check the links below, discover more about Scott Hopkins and his exciting songs, and don’t forget to add his tracks to your favorite playlists!

Spotify: Scott Hopkins

Soundcloud:  Scott Hopkins

YouTube: Scott Hopkins Music


Instagram: blackcrowe2015

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