SCOTT HOWARD – “World Ascension Tour Concert” Exclusive Review!

Close your eyes, sit back, imagine being in your favorite place with your favorite people, nothing can disturb you, and everything is just peaceful and perfect. This is the feelings and state of mind, which Scott Howard’s music puts the listeners every time his music is playing. His approach to songwriting and production is unique, free from ego, his music’s main aim is to offer the best experience to his listeners, taking care of them not only with soulful lyrics, beautiful melodies, and excellent songwriting but most of all by choosing to embrace the natural frequencies of mother heart tuning his music to 432Hz. Those who are not familiar with these technicalities consider the 432Hz tuning as a pair of blue light blocker pc glasses, which help your eyes not get tired with all those benefits linked to it. The 432Hz tuning is a more enjoyable and rich frequency for music, and, added to Howard’s exceptional music, it will give you a sense of peace and relaxation you never felt before.


We had the extreme pleasure of discovering Howard’s music through his single “Written In The Clouds” first and then with his album “The Language Of Clouds.” Today, at Planet Singer, we have the incredible and exclusive pleasure of watching his “World Ascension Tour, (A Lightworker’s Journey)” produced by MATRIX M Inc. Production and recorded at Village Studio. “World Ascension Tour” is more than a concert; starting from the first song, with the beautiful and intriguing introduction, we have the feeling that the music we are listening resonate deeply, in a purer and clearer way through our body. From the second track, we can see the band at Village Studio’s stage, performing live every song with incredible chemistry. The powerful rhythmic section consisting of Reade Pryor (Drums) and Fede Delfino sustain other musicians with metronomic precision! Talented keyboardist Andrew Lederman and gifted lead guitarist Steve Dawson enrich the whole harmonic structure with exciting riffs and solos, creating real sound architectures and memorable soundscapes!

Scott Howard’s rich and colorful voice and brilliant guitar playing conquer the listeners’ hearts with an outstanding performance in every single song, supported by Fede’s and Steve’s fantastic background vocals! Track by track, we feel a liberating and lifting feeling, an ascending towards a peaceful and still state of mind. Scott Howard and his talented musicians escort us on this beautiful journey, where, through beautiful lyrics, memorable melodies, and exciting visual effects, we can find our inner selves and embrace who we really are, forgetting all those preconstructed barriers modern society builds around us, uniforming us to its models. Soon to be released on Amazon Prime and other streaming platforms, Scott Howard’s “World Ascension Tour” is a fantastic release you cannot miss!

Check the links below, discover more about Scott Howard and his incredible music, and don’t forget to download the whole concert from his official website and all streaming platforms!

Official Website:

Watch the concert: CLICK HERE

YouTube: scotthoward

Facebook: scotthowardmus

Instagram: scotthowardmusic

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