SCOTT HOWARD – “Written In The Clouds” Single Review!

It is always a big pleasure to have the chance to listen to incredibly talented artists, and in the case of Scott Howard, it is even more exciting because of the unicity of his work.
Let me say this straight: many musicians, singers, and producers can create big hits and incredibly beautiful songs and productions, but very few of them are aware of what is really behind the music. Scott Howard is an exception and his approach to music goes far beyond art.

Just like his  previous works, Scott Howard embraced not only fine art but also the resonance of the universe. His choice to tune at 432Hz all the instruments in his songs is a clear sign that Scott has a bigger plan for his music, it is not only entertainment, but it is also food for your soul.

In this journey through spirit and inner light, Scott Howard decided to abandon the modern tuning system (putting the A4 at 440Hz as tuning reference) and embrace the natural frequencies of mother heart tuning his music at 432Hz.

A4 at 440Hz became a standard after 1936 when the American Standards Association recommended tuning the A above the middle C to 440 Hz. This standard was taken up by the International Organization for Standardization in 1955 (ISO 16). Before that, the reference changed several times like in the Baroque pitch (415Hz), Chorton Pitch (466Hz) and the Classical Pitch (430Hz). The frequency of 432Hz tunes the A4 at a more natural sound, connected with the resonances of the planet and the universe. The effect on the listeners is a sense of completeness, peace, and a sense of inner happiness, that has a strong connection with the inner you.

This new single “Written In The Clouds”, from the upcoming album “Language Of Clouds”, is a true piece of art. The track starts with a beautiful introduction that frames perfectly the warm and colorful voice of Scott that thanks to his outstanding performance behind the microphone guides us in this journey. The chorus, like the whole song, carries a very important message for everyone to listen “wake up, and find your way”.

In this track you can hear the influences of the biggest artist of this genre, Bob Dylan, Cat Stevens are just a few names that come to my mind immediately, and a complex but yet very natural composition and arrangement that reminds also to the best progressive music of the 70s but with a more modern feeling, bands like early Pink Floyds at their highest musical expression. A big Bravo goes to all the musicians, producers and sound engineers involved in the project, for their great job on this outstanding recording.

Don’t miss the chance to discover more about Scott Howard’s new EP “Language Of Clouds”, if you love meaningful music, you must add these tracks to your playlists! Discover more about Scott clicking on the links below!

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