Talented Artist Deep Transit Drops Feel-Good Track “A Rhythm in Time (Early Morning)”

Embracing the essence of positivity and upliftment, Deep Transit (Aka: Rob Mitchell) unveils his latest single, "A Rhythm in Time (Early Morning)," inviting listeners into a world of infectious rhythms and vibrant melodies.

Following the success of his previous single, “Stand Up,” this new release radiates a distinct R&B signature sound that is bound to captivate audiences with its infectious rhythm. With “A Rhythm in Time (Early Morning),” Mitchell showcases his artistic versatility by expertly blending contemporary piano sounds, keyboard textures, and catchy beats under a classic late 90s vocal hook. The result is a feel-good tune that exudes warmth and energy, encouraging listeners to groove and dance along.

Inspired by a desire to explore new musical arrangements and push the boundaries of his creativity, Rob Mitchell shares, “My music and lyrics are intended to elevate people’s perspectives on everyday life situations and encourage them to find understanding in their own time.” Deep Transit’s musical journey began during the era when house and electronic music were emerging from underground scenes. Although he recorded an album during those early days, it remained unreleased. However, after several years, Deep Transit returned to the music scene with the excellent sophomore album, “Dynamic Force of Time.” 


Reflecting on his roots, Deep Transit reminisces about his early career in the ’90s, playing venues like the Volt in D.C. It was during this period that he recorded “Traveling in Distant Speed,” an album that never saw the light of day. Now, with a renewed focus and passion, he plans to reintroduce this album to the world in the coming months, following the debut of “A Brilliant Skyline.” Deep Transit draws inspiration from the Chicago deep house and tech house music scenes of the ’90s. His music reflects a fusion of nostalgic sounds with modern sensibilities, creating an immersive sonic experience that resonates with audiences of all backgrounds.

With his latest single, “A Rhythm in Time (Early Morning),” Deep Transit continues to solidify his position as a dynamic artist capable of crafting music that uplifts and inspires. As he looks ahead to the release of his upcoming album, listeners can expect more infectious melodies, heartfelt lyrics, and irresistible grooves from this talented musician. So, get ready to immerse yourself in the rhythmic world of Deep Transit and let the music transport you to new heights of joy and positivity.


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Official Website: www.deeptransitmusic.com

Soundcloud: Deep Transit