Some Distant Memory Release The Excellent Single “My Morning Sun”

In the sun-soaked Fort Lauderdale, Florida, a musical tapestry known as Some Distant Memory is meticulously woven by the skilled hands of the enigmatic Nors. Nestled within the digital haven of the Nors Updates video channel, this solo project catapults listeners into a world where music and storytelling seamlessly converge.

A distinctive hallmark of Some Distant Memory lies in its ability to entwine music with immersive narratives. Within this creative universe, fans are invited to step into a vibrant landscape inhabited by animated bandmates, led by the charming mascot Nora. These animated characters breathe life into the meticulously crafted music and narratives, fostering an unparalleled experience for fans.

The latest revelation from this sonic journey is “My Morning Sun.” The lyrics of this evocative composition draw inspiration from the transcribed audio journal entries of Jasper, an integral part of the creative process behind “Just A Story.” The experimentations with drum patches during the genesis of “My Morning Sun” have borne fruit, with captivating results that have been further honed to enrich the sonic landscapes of other compositions.


The very title, “My Morning Sun,” pays homage to a lyric from “True Faith” by New Order, serving as a poignant thread woven into the fabric of their artistic expression and even adorning exclusive band merchandise. For those eager to witness the magic unfold, an exclusive sneak peek of the upcoming music video is available here. The creative journey is on full display, promising an immersive visual accompaniment to the auditory delights of Some Distant Memory.

In its innovative approach to music and storytelling, Some Distant Memory continue to captivate audiences, with “My Morning Sun” confirming their ability to create a unique, immersive musical experience that transcends boundaries and stays in the hearts of listeners.


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