SOPHIE DORSTEN – “Tomorrow” Exclusive Review!

Soulful, enchanting and emotional are just a few of the adjectives that can describe Sophie Dorsten’s music. Today at Planet Singer we had the great pleasure to listen to her next single “Tomorrow”, out this May 15th, 2020!

Originally from the Phoenix area, this young singer-songwriter has always shown a big love for music and performing. Several EPs and Single, and countless shows in some of the temples of music have helped Sophie Dorsten to shape and become the incredible artist she is and probably has always been.

Since the first listening, we had the feeling of witnessing something big. It takes many years of hard work and experience for many artists to achieve a certain artistic maturity level. Sometimes some artists are already born with that gift. I consider Sophie Dorsten one of those. Her artistry and delivery are just outstanding.

Her new single “Tomorrow” is an emotional and deep song that carries the listeners far away, telling a story that can resonate with everyone. Great lyrics for an outstanding performance of Sophie behind the microphone that is convincing from the beginning to the end of this incredible track.

Guitars’ arpeggios, piano, and very delicate sound effects accompany Sophie’s fantastic voice in this beautiful song that is destined to become one of her hits. A big bravo goes also to the musicians, sound engineers and producers for their great work. This is the perfect song for all the lovers of pop and indie folk music, and after listening to “Tomorrow” we can’t wait for her next releases!

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