T22 – “Blastt Off” Exclusive Review!

In the overcrowded, busy and frenetic nowadays music scene, it is tough to find music that carries real meaning. While everyone focuses on releasing tracks that conform to the music industry standards, some artists make music that reflects their idea of what art is. Experimental and innovative, it is even harder to find originality in those genres like instrumental music, where the feelings and sound research are an absolute priority. It is thanks to artists like T22 that we can still find quality music, and thanks to his tracks, we can assist not only to a perfect abstract picture of our society but also to its evolution in sound! Today, at Planet Singer, we have the great pleasure of listening to his track “Blastt Off,” a pure concentrate of energy!

T22 is a talented artist, producer, and songwriter originally from East St. Louis, Illinois, and based in Arlington, Texas. Gifted with a very natural musical instinct, T22 has shaped his sound, absorbing a multitude of genres and styles. Keeping his focus on the Hip-Hop roots, his versatility helped him widen his style incorporating in his tracks elements from all kinds of music genres.

“Blast Off” is one of T22’s first recordings. It is surprising to think that, despite his very young age, this incredible artist shows maturity and musical taste that sometimes even the big artists of nowadays music scene don’t have. The intensity of the musical crescendo, the great beat, and the fantastic sound choice make this track one of the best trance rock tracks of the latest years! Officially recorded in 2016, this track is followed by the more recent productions “Rookie of the Year” (2019). It is a milestone that shows the incredible versatility of an artist who is making the right steps towards success he deserves!

Check the links below and discover more about T22 and his music, and don’t forget to add his tracks to your favorite playlists!

Spotify: T22

YouTube: T22

Twitter: itz_t22

Instagram: thoward_22

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