The Brutal Resonance of Deathcore Titans Face Yourself and Their EP “Tales of Death”!

In the tumultuous deathcore scene, where the sonic landscape is marked by ferocity and unbridled intensity, emerges Face Yourself, a formidable American deathcore band from the Tristate Area.

Formed in 2023, these talented guys quickly surged into the limelight, making a name for themselves thanks to their unapologetically intense sound, captivating music arrangements, and lyrics that plunge into the depths of introspection. Face Yourself is a relentless force, pushing the boundaries of deathcore with an amalgamation of blistering guitar solos, bone-crushing breakdowns, and powerful guttural vocals.

Brutal and innovative, the thematic core of Face Yourself’s music goes beyond the surface, delving into introspective and dark realms. Their songs explore the intricacies of human emotions, societal issues, and personal struggles. It’s a sonic journey that transcends the boundaries of the physical and delves deep into the recesses of the human mind.


Face Yourself is not merely a band; they are architects of auditory chaos, sculpting a sound that commands attention and demands respect. Their latest release, the brilliant “Tales of Death,” is a five-song EP that solidifies their reputation as purveyors of excellent quality deathcore music. This release showcases the band’s brilliant songwriting prowess, each track a visceral and majestic hymn to the darkest and most hidden human and unhuman emotions. From the relentless blast beats of the opening track “The Betrayer,” to the intricately layered guitar work of “Bathory,” to the soul-stirring vibes of “Sirens,” “Tales of Death” is a sonic expedition through the darkest recesses of deathcore, leaving an indelible mark on the listener’s psyche.

Deathcore, as a subgenre of extreme metal, finds its unique identity in the fusion of death metal, metalcore, and hardcore punk. Face Yourself embraces this fusion, channeling vibes reminiscent of deathcore titans like Suicide Silence, Antagony, and All Shall Perish. Yet, within this familiar territory, Face Yourself introduces a unique twist and style that sets them apart, carving out a niche in the annals of the genre. After listening to their music, I can easily say Face Yourself is one of the best new acts in the extreme metal scene, so, brace yourselves for the impact because this is just the beginning!


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