David Belle Unleashes Emotion and Liberation in New Single “Free”

Talented David Belle, award-winning film producer and social entrepreneur, has recently unveiled a glimpse into his upcoming debut album, "The Beginning," with the release of the excellent single titled "Free."

Scheduled for launch in March 2024, the album marks Belle’s foray into the music scene as a singer-songwriter, musician, and producer. Collaborating with Alessandro Meynardi, the album was crafted and recorded at their Black Lotus recording studios in the vibrant musical landscape of Los Angeles. “The Beginning” features a lineup of exceptional talents, including Lorenzo Meynardi on drums, Riccardo Gresino on piano/organ, Rafi on backing vocals, Josie Maran as lead vocals, and the Grammy-winning harmonica virtuoso, Charlie McCoy.

David Belle’s journey into the world of music took a unique path, leveraging his background in film production and a commitment to social entrepreneurship. His previous work includes co-producing the benefit album “Let the Rhythm Lead” alongside Rock n Roll Hall of Fame inductee Jackson Browne and the versatile singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer Jonathan Wilson.


“Free,” the first revelation from “The Beginning,” encapsulates the essence of Belle’s musical narrative. The track engages with the listeners both emotionally and spiritually, captivating them from the first note to the last. Belle’s lyrics, coupled with the melodic craftsmanship of Alessandro Meynardi, create a sonic landscape that invites listeners on a musical journey.

The collaborative efforts showcased on “Free” exemplify the harmonious synergy within the album. Lorenzo Meynardi’s rhythmic drumming provides the heartbeat, while Riccardo Gresino’s mastery of the piano and organ adds layers of depth to the composition. As anticipation builds for the full release of “The Beginning” in March 2024, David Belle’s “Free” serves as a compelling introduction to an artist whose musical odyssey promises to captivate audiences with its authenticity, emotion, and a profound sense of liberation.


Stay tuned for an album that is poised to mark the dawn of a new chapter in David Belle’s artistic legacy. In the meantime, immerse yourself in the liberating sounds of “Free” and get ready to witness the full spectrum of David Belle’s musical prowess with the forthcoming release of “The Beginning.”

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