THE MARICA FREQUENCY – “The Clone” Exclusive Review!

People often believe that great music is linked to “mega-concerts,” which offer for sure a great spectacle for the eyes but give very little to the mind. Music is fundamentally an atmosphere, a state of mine; to use a spatial metaphor, it is that dark matter that holds the universe together. Today, at Planet Singer, we have the great privilege of sharing with you The Marica Frequency, an extraordinary band from the United Kingdom that sees Chris Evans and Marisa Frantz as regular members, joined by other incredible musicians. Chris produces all music, and they make use of recording studios in London and Wales. The Marica Frequency, formed in near 2015, are already at their fifth album, which demonstrates the extraordinary creativity, combined with excellent quality, of this exceptional band.


It is such a pleasure listening to their latest album, “The Clone,” a nine-track release that you must listen to with headphones to enjoy them to the last note. Starting from the first track, “Cryostasis,” the beautiful orchestrations, mixed with the warm lines of an electronic organ and charming guitar arpeggios, transport you towards an infinite space. “Stay in the Light” follows smoothly with a splendid vocal part supported by the rich instrumental base. The door opens on “Out Of Nowhere,” with intense vocal parts interpreting the beautiful lyrics perfectly. The choruses’ fantastic vocal harmonies, the simple but powerful arrangement leave the listeners in a dream-like state of mind.

“Don’t Hide Your Eyes” is a very emotional song where the piano sets the direction among synths and sounds effects, choirs, and vocals that complete the composition beautifully. “The Process” is a fantastic instrumental track that, like a bridge, connects the first half of the album with the second one. This track is proof of the incredible sound research The Marica Frequency did on their album! “Once Upon A Time” follows right after, with a splendid vocal performance on an equally magnificent backing track where the piano’s notes sparkle. “Breathless, with its excellent sound architecture proves once again Chris’ incredible songwriting skills, while in “The Other Side,” the intensity of the performance generates melodies that go straight to the heart of the listeners. “Roots” is the last stop of this glorious journey, with its ethereal resonances accompanied by the sea waves’ caress, with the final seal of an incredible voice.

“The Clone” is a treasure, a chest of dreams, a musical gift everyone should listen to. These nine tracks enrich the whole panorama of contemporary music. A true masterpiece that we dare to define Alternative-Progressive-Indie Space Rock, but they are much more than that. “The Clone” projects The Marica Frequency beyond the United Kingdom’s panorama, in Europe and the USA, where they are already enjoying considerable success. The Marica Frequency are in the right direction, and we can’t wait for their next release!

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