The Wheel – A Masterpiece Unveiled in the Self-Titled Debut Album – Exclusive Review

Nestled in the vibrant music scene of Portland, Oregon, The Wheel, a musical venture masterminded by producer and musician Avram Brown, has unfurled its sonic tapestry in the form of a self-titled debut album.

Collaborating with the likes of Raymond Richards, Kyleen King, Larry Crane, and the late Ralph Carney, Brown’s journey through musical landscapes has culminated in a collection of ten gems that encapsulate the essence of emotional depth and authenticity.

The journey begins with “Winter Wanderlust,” an enchanting introduction that leads listeners to a realm of magical atmospheres, brought to life by charming percussions and violins. This opening piece sets the stage for the auditory adventure that awaits. In “Clearing Ground,” the second track, Avram Brown’s expressive vocals take center stage, guiding us through a song that delves deep into the hearts of listeners. The slow-paced ballad is a testament to Brown’s ability to convey emotion with every note.


“Love & Truth” emerges as a shining star, boasting brilliant lyrics and a delicate yet dynamic arrangement. The song showcases the multifaceted talents of Avram Brown, leaving an indelible impression on the listener. The album proceeds with the excellent “River Is Up” which features the gorgeous voice of talented artist Haley Johnsen, who joins Avram in a magical and memorable duet. The sophisticated and elegant composition elevates the album’s sonic landscape, demonstrating the diversity within The Wheel’s musical palette.

As the album progresses, “Speak Like Droning” captivates with its soul-filling rhythms, leading the listener through an immersive musical experience. The track showcases The Wheel’s ability to craft compositions that resonate on a visceral level. “Can’t Find You” surrounds the listener with its “Pink-Floydian vibes” and atmospheric intricacies. The track is proof of The Wheel’s willingness to explore diverse soundscapes, making each song a unique sonic journey. “Almuerzo con Carney” serves as a jazzy interlude, seamlessly transitioning the listener through musical dimensions. This track, with its elaborate instrumentation, acts as a bridge leading to the final chapter of the album.


The final song in the tracklist, “Northern Lights,” is a beautiful culmination of the album’s narrative. Avram Brown’s inspired performance, coupled with the haunting piano melodies, takes the listener on a final musical journey, leaving a lasting imprint. In its entirety, The Wheel’s self-titled debut album stands as a masterpiece, a testament to Avram Brown’s journey through the intricate nuances of creativity. Each track is a carefully crafted piece, contributing to the overall mosaic of emotional depth and sonic brilliance. As The Wheel unveils this musical odyssey, it leaves an enduring mark on the landscape of contemporary music. This album is the profound expression of a musician who has come full circle in the pursuit of sonic excellence. Do not miss it!

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