THEKLEAVEHER – “Quarantine Songs EP” Exclusive Review!

They say that art is often the picture of time, the perfect resume of a society during a specific age. If we consider art being also a time machine, we can imagine 100 years from now, kids studying the history of the 2020s, the pandemic, the economic crisis, and the effects on society and art. Well, they will probably study Thekleaveher’s EP “Quarantine Songs EP” to understand a bit more about our society.

Thekleaveher is a talented Singer, Rapper, and Hip Hop artist with a very unique style and approach to music. Clean and almost minimal bases, supported by a chilled yet very direct songwriting, his approach is very melodic on the choruses and this is one of the trademarks of his sound, one of the characteristics that makes Thekleaveher unique in his genre!

“Quarantine Songs EP” is the perfect picture of our times, as I said in the introduction, even if it doesn’t talk clearly about the quarantine, the lockdown, the pandemic or anything related to coronavirus (like many, too many artists did) his release is a testimony of our society during this difficult period. In this 3-track EP we can find catchy songs like the opening track “Shake It” that shines thanks to the great production and outstanding performance of Thekleaveher that sets the mood from the very beginning of the track.

“Space Shuttle” and the very melodic approach on the verses and choruses is probably one of the best tracks of 2020, the beat and the base are just fantastic, with a very high-level production! “Shakira” is another very intriguing track where we can appreciate even more the approach of Thekleaveher. The direct lyrics, the fantastic work on the metric, the outstanding base, and production, everything of this track if proof that Thekleaveher is ready for a full-length release, and we hope to listen to it very soon!

Check the links below to discover more about Thekleaveher, and his music and don’t forget to add his tracks to your favorite playlists!

Spotify: Thekleaveher

Instagram: Thekleaveher

Soundcloud: Theksclout


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