YUNG REXO – “More Grind Than Muscle” Exclusive Review!

It takes just a few seconds to understand if a release is good or bad. It took me a few seconds to understand Yung Rexo released a great record! Today, at Planet Singer, we have the big opportunity to listen to his latest release “More Grind Than Muscle”, a true Hip Hop release that makes no compromises.

Yung Rexo is a talented Rapper and Hip Hop Artist, originally from New Orleans, that thanks to his unique style and powerful lyrics is conquering his place in the Hip Hop world. His latest release is one of those albums that goes straight to the point, resonating with the listener from start to finish, this is a rare quality nowadays, even rarer among the rappers of the new generation.

Starting from the first track, “Intro Voices” you realize the incredible work that has been done both in the songwriting and in the production as well! Direct tracks like “Getto Children”, “Look In My Eyes” and “No Love” is very engaging songs that shine thanks to the outstanding performance of Yung behind the microphone, and fantastic arrangement! Inside “More Grind Than Muscle” we find some real Hip Hop gems such as “Semifinalz”, “Lost Ones” and “Da Yard”,  one of the most emotional and intense tracks of the album, and proof of the quality and talent of this incredible artist.

“Outro (Hold U)” closes the circle of one of the best Hip Hop releases of 2020 so far! Listening to Yung Rexo you feel the confidence of someone that knows what he wants in life and is ready to work hard to obtain it. Supported by great talent, outstanding production, engaging lyrics, and the incredible ability to entertain, Young Rexo is one of the emerging stars of the Hip Hop music scene.

Show some love for this talented young artist! Check the links below to discover more about Yung Rexo, and don’t forget to add his music to your favorite playlists!

Deezer: Yung Rexo

Instagram: iceberg_rexo

Spotify: Yung Rexo

YouTube: Yung Rexo

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