Touch The Buffalo Release The Excellent Single “In Six Heads About It” From Upcoming EP “Ahead of “Bodhicitta”

Touch The Buffalo, an indie rock powerhouse hailing from the vibrant music scene of NOVA/DC is gearing up to drop its highly anticipated EP, "Bodhicitta," on March 1, 2024.

The band has been turning heads since their formation in Arlington, VA in early 2017, and their upcoming release promises to be nothing short of extraordinary. The latest single, “In Six Heads About It,” serves as a tantalizing sneak peek into the four-track release. With heavy drums, a robust bass, wild guitar riffs, and a distinctive distorted ukulele, Touch The Buffalo has crafted a sound that stands out in the indie rock landscape, yet with the new release, the band managed to infuse their sound with softer and soothing vibes.

“In Six Heads About It” weaves together a tapestry of compelling lyrics, engaging arrangements, and dynamic songwriting. It serves as the perfect introduction to the eclectic musical journey that “Bodhicitta” promises to offer. The band’s previous full-length release, “Heart Is For” in 2019, laid the groundwork for their unique sonic identity. Touch The Buffalo is known for their ability to captivate listeners with their one-of-a-kind sound, creating an immersive experience that transcends the boundaries of traditional indie rock, and the new EP will, without a doubt, implement new vibes to their already rich sound.


With “In Six Heads About It,” Touch The Buffalo invites listeners to join them on a sonic journey that promises to be both exciting and introspective. As the EP drops on March 1, 2024, fans can expect a musical experience that defies expectations and solidifies Touch The Buffalo’s place among the most innovative indie rock acts out there.

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