Vittorio and the Bridges Release The Excellent EP “The Run Up”

Vittorio and the Bridges, led by the charismatic Vittorio Raimondi, recently graced the music scene with their EP, "The Run Up," a three-track masterpiece that showcases the group's unique blend of Mediterranean-infused pop-rock.

Originating from diverse backgrounds, the band members contribute their cultural experiences to create a sound that transcends traditional boundaries. Vittorio Raimondi, the lead singer and songwriter, brings his Italian roots, infusing the lyrics with a Mediterranean flair. With Michael Muilenburg on bass and Jody Sipe on drums, the band’s collective musical journey unfolds, weaving together an inspired tapestry of sound.

“The Run Up” kicks off with the invigorating “Volerò,” a track that instantly grabs your attention with its captivating rhythms and brilliant vocal lines. The seamless fusion of English and Italian lyrics adds a layer of sophistication, inviting listeners into a rich cultural experience. Following closely is “Daniel Adios,” an evocative and intriguing composition that delves into the depths of life experiences. The song’s lyrical depth resonates with authenticity, creating a powerful connection between the band and its audience.


The EP concludes with the mesmerizing “America,” a track that not only showcases the band’s musical creativity and versatility but also explores themes that reflect on the human experience. The fusion of languages mirrors the band’s international background, making each song a unique journey. Vittorio and the Bridges boast a dynamic lineup that contributes to their distinctive sound. Michael Muilenburg’s clean, melodic, and rhythmic bass playing complements Vittorio’s guitar and vocals. Jody Sipe’s passion for percussion adds a sweet touch of rhythm, creating a perfect harmony within the band.

Vittorio Raimondi, having lived in various countries, brings a wealth of cultural influences to the table. His solo project, “Lost in Space,” marked the beginning of a prolific songwriting journey. Now, with over 25 songs in his repertoire, Vittorio and the Bridges are taking their audience on a musical odyssey, offering a glimpse into the experiences that have shaped their art. With their release “The Run Up,” Vittorio and the Bridges invite listeners to join them on a sonic journey filled with passion, diversity, and the universal language of music.


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