YOVANNI – “Perfect Crime” Exclusive Review!

Talent is not enough to create quality music, and in the overcrowded ocean of new releases, it is challenging to find an artist that stands out. In a music scene where appearance and the number of subscribers dictate the success of a performer, real art is a rare find. The young generation of artists, those that follow the trends dictated by the industry, are also subordinate to their change. Changing the demand, they will be replaced with a younger version of themselves, a new slave to the society, ready to make some money performing songs that don’t belong to them, telling stories that they have never lived and, thanks to their ghostwriters, have their season of glory.

Above all of this, there is art. Real artists are free and detached from all that floats around the market, and it is thanks to artists like YOVANNI that there is still quality music around. Today, at Planet Singer, we have the great pleasure of listening to his latest single “Perfect Crime,” an intense track that resonates with the listener from the first seconds to the last one!

YOVANNI is a talented singer and songwriter with a unique style. With a music career that spans for over 20 years, this incredible performer has fed his artistry with numerous experiences and collaborations. Influenced by legends like Madonna, George Michael, and Adam Lambert, YOVANNI’s sound is emotional and intense, keeping the best vibes of electro-pop of the 90s and 2000s with a more modern and fresh style.

“Perfect Crime” is one of those songs that leave the listeners in a dream-like state, inviting them to push the repeat button several times. YOVANNI’s voice is warm and rich, and his ability to interpret every word he sings makes every performance memorable! His incredible skills as a songwriter, perfectly supported by his talent as a charismatic performance, are gifts that only the legends of music have. The beautiful lyrics and the mesmerizing arrangement make this track more than a song; it is a journey.

“Perfect Crime” is a great track, the crystal clear production makes the whole song flow smoothly, sustaining YOVANNI’s beautiful voice and balancing every sound perfectly. This new single marks a significant chapter in YOVANNI’s music career. The career of an artist who shows incredible maturity, and is ready for a big step towards the success he deserves!

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