An Inspiring Conversation With Talented Jazz Guitarist and Composer Odd-Arne Jacobsen!

Odd-Arne Jacobsen's new release "Admission" will be released on 14th of April.

Sophisticate, elegant yet powerful, and visionary, Odd-Arne Jacobsen’s music captivates the listeners and carries them away, toward intimate and refined soundscapes! “Admission” was recorded by the Norwegian critically-acclaimed Producer and sound engineer Lars Erik Schjerpen. He has worked with well knowned bands like Turbonegro, 1349, Erik & Kriss, Harmony Drive and Hellbillies among others. 

Today we had the great opportunity to interview an incredible artist. With a brilliant career that spans over 5 decades, Norwegian guitarist and composer Odd-Arne Jacobsen is one of those artists that stands out when it comes to originality and uniqueness.


Odd-Arne, it is such a pleasure having you with us today. Your career is incredible and we can’t wait to know more about your artistic journey. Countless projects and incredible collaborations, one in particular goes back in time to where it all started. When did you meet talented saxophonist Lars-Gøran Ulander and how did your collaboration start?

I met Lars-Gøran Ulander for the first time in Umeå / Sweden in October 1972 – where we participated with a quartet at the festival. Later we did some club work in Oslo as well as radio sessions in SR (Sveriges radio) both in Stockholm and Umeå.

Music is changing or maybe it is just the world that lives music in a different way? As an artist do you approach music in the same way as in the 70s or does your approach change?

In many ways, my concept today is built on a refinement of what I did in the 70s – the ideal is to show respect for. all those who went before, parallel to working towards something that represents my own tonal language – both as a composer and a guitarist. Some things are no longer part of the journey – at the same time, new opportunities for development are discovered.



Do you feel like music has become more a product for the consumer and less a way to elevate our spirits? Do you feel the latest generations miss some of its original beauty?

The beauty of music is that working with sound is timeless from the dawn of time, as well as developing either as a musician or composer with the search for one’s own identity while respecting the traditions.

The challenges are that music today has become an industry where money/good acquaintances/agents/sales figures/appearance/sales potential/big record companies think about money – not necessarily how deep and good the music is.

What are your thoughts about the evolution of Jazz music from the 70s to now?

Personally, I feel that the jazz scene in the 70s was more open to originality compared to jazz today – which often recycles the “good old days”. The wheel. Invented over and over again. The production of music today also contributes to someone knowing what strikes a chord. Personally, I don’t know what jazz is today – but I know what improvisation is.

Where can we hear your music?

Those who want to hear my music can find it on Youtube – Reverb Nation – Facebook – and my blog page.

Let’s talk about your new project! 

Yes – I will soon present an EP with new material recorded on 21 January with the good help of Lars – Erik Schjerpen – the compositions “Blue and Yellow” and “Second Story” were made on the first take. It will be best then.



Check the links below, discover more about Odd-Arne Jacobsen and his music, and don’t forget to add his tracks to your favorite playlists!

Official Website:

Reverbnation: oddarnejacobsen

Facebook: oddarnejacobsenmusic

Wikipedia: Odd-Arne Jacobsen

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