DILLA – “Dilla’s Adventures” Exclusive Review!

How important is it to be unique in music? Often this concept if entirely bypassed by the new generations that aspire to the title of “The new Madonna,” “The new Eminem,” “The new…” and so on. Especially in Rap and Hip-Hop, if you don’t have a strong personality and charisma, you get absorbed by the continuous stream of daily releases, disappearing in an ocean of “The new…”. Sometimes, though, it happens to find an artist with a unique style; someone like Dilla, that with his music, not only engages and steals the attention of an audience, but he also connects deeply with the listener. Today, we have the great pleasure of listening to his latest EP “Dilla’s Adventures,” a 6-track release that will catapult you in the world of this talented artist!

Dilla is a songwriter, rapper, and Hip-Hop artist that shaped his sound on the legend of this genre but still keeping his identity and creating his sound thanks to a natural musical taste and incredible songwriting skills.

“Dilla’s adventures” is one of those releases you have to listen to all in one breath. The intense intro “Intoxicated” opens the EP with the great beat and direct lyrics. And it is all about great lyrics and great bases, in this release Dilla gives his best, with direct and honest lyrics that talk about our society, without filters or compromises. In this release, we can enjoy tracks such as the catchy “No More,” that with its melodic chorus and modern arrangement sets the bar to a new, higher level! Spot on also on tracks such as “The Ugly Truth” and “Handsome,” real gems of modern Hip-Hop!

Check the links below and discover more about Dilla, and don’t forget to add “Dilla’s Adventures” to your favorite playlists!

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Instagram: Dilla

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