FLORENCE EKISSI – “Lord Here I Am” Exclusive Review!

Life’s path is never straight; there are so many turns and obstacles that challenge our way, and to truly understand who we are and our purpose in life, we have to live life accepting everything that comes with an open heart and faithful soul. Some artists find their purpose in music, focusing on their career, forgetting that music and art are vehicles for something much bigger than the ego, much higher than the artists themselves. It is thanks to artists like Florence Ekissi that music finds his real purpose, not only as a form of entertainment but as a tool to connect with what is really important, feeding the soul and getting closer to the Lord. Today, at Planet Singer, we have the great pleasure of listening to Florence Ekissi’s latest single “Lord Here I Am,” a fantastic release that will embrace the listeners from the first second to the last.

Florence Ekissi is a talented singer, songwriter, and beautiful soul that found her path after tough times. Gifted with a very natural musical instinct and incredible songwriting skills, Florence makes fair use of her talent, creating songs that heal the spirit and praise the Lord with intense and emotional lyrics and melodies.

“Lord Here I Am” is her second official single, following the previous debut track “I Am A God.” While in her “I Am A God,” we can appreciate the fresh and uptempo rhythms of the exotic percussions and exciting, uplifting vibes, in “Lord Here I Am,” we find another side of this exceptional artist, in a slow tempo track that, with an extraordinary crescendo of emotions, fulfills the hearts of the listeners with positivity and passion.

“Lord Here I Am” is one of those songs everyone should listen to, with eyes closed and an open heart. The fantastic lyrics touch you deeply, and thanks to Florence’s outstanding performance behind the microphone, we can perceive how pure her belief is and how strong her faith is. Florence is gifted with a warm and rich voice, incredible vocal range, and unique singing qualities that make her songs shine even more thanks to her performances. “Lord Here I Am” signs a new chapter in this artist’s music career, and we can’t wait for her next release, and hopefully, a full-length album too!

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Proudly proclaiming her faith and praising The Lord through her music, the sensationally spirited energy & genuinely uplifting sound of singer/songwriter Florence Ekissi is a beautiful reflection of the pure love and devotion she carries for The Most High and her desire to share His message with everyone listening.
After surviving a terrible incident that left Florence in the hospital with second & third degree burns, she endured a long road to recovery, including multiple skin grafts and surgical procedures. With The Lord at her side, she regained her health, and soon after realized that her new scars were actually strengths to inspire & propel her on her mission forward – and that indeed, her life had been spared for a reason. Florence Ekissi still had so much radiant joy, compassion, and music to share with the world awaiting.
With her unshakable faith in God, Florence answered His call and began to combine His message with her own vibrantly colorful music & stunning vocals in an effort to reach a whole new audience and share the teachings of the Bible through songs designed to connect to the hearts & minds of those who listen.
Flo’s debut single “I Am A God” was officially released in 2019, marking the beginning of an exciting chapter in her own story of devout Christian faith & all-new way that she can faithfully serve The Lord. Confidently singing with beautifully bold tones backed by the strength of her unwavering commitment to God & adding her own heavenly, signature style – Florence reveals His presence through her songs.
“I Am A God” is the first release of many to come in 2019 as this proud wife & mother of two embraces her stunning natural talent as an artist as well, and uses her platform for the greater-good. Ready to sing about the love of God that fills her heart & share the word of The Lord with listeners worldwide – Florence Ekissi’s powerful faith and insatiably catchy music will have you believing in Him – and her!

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