Omer B Releases The Excellent New Single “Orange Jam” – Exclusive Review

We discovered Omer B and his music when he released the excellent “Groovy Stairs.” After a set of brilliant releases such as "Healing Strings" and "ToKarma," this unique artist is back again with the exciting "Orange Jam!"

Omer B stands out as a versatile and dynamic artist, showcasing his musical prowess across genres like rock, pop, blues, gospel, funk, and jazz. His latest endeavor, the instrumental masterpiece titled “Orange Jam” is a song that once again proves his artistic maturity and versatility.

At the heart of “Orange Jam” is a vibrant and lively instrumental arrangement that captivates the listener from the first note. Omer B, known for his exceptional guitar skills, leads the way with a playful display of musicality. The track unfolds into a harmonious journey, thanks to the contributions of a stellar lineup of musicians.


Omer B takes center stage with his guitar, wielding a mesmerizing array of sounds. His skillful play is marked by a distinctive Wah Wah effect, adding layers of depth to the composition. Mariam Kubanski lays down the rhythmic foundation with her impeccable bass work. Her contribution ensures a solid and groovy backbone to the musical narrative. Andrea Ciaccio brings the beats to life, infusing the track with energy and precision. His drumming expertise adds a dynamic element to the overall sonic experience. Abramo Riti’s Hammond organ introduces a classic touch to “Orange Jam.” The swirling tones from the Hammond create a rich and textured atmosphere, elevating the composition.

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Apart from his role as the lead guitarist, he takes charge of the mix, ensuring that each instrument finds its perfect place in the sonic landscape. The mastering is expertly handled by Kara Greskovic, adding the final polish to this musical gem. “Orange Jam” is a collaborative celebration of musical talent. The track encapsulates the joy of spontaneous jam sessions, where each artist brings their unique flavor to the mix. The chemistry among Omer B, Mariam Kubanski, Andrea Ciaccio, and Abramo Riti is palpable, creating a synergy that resonates with the audience.

With a blend of technical proficiency, creative expression, and a touch of improvisational magic, Omer B and his collaborators have crafted a musical experience that captivates the audience from the first note to the last. With his latest single, Omer B continues to carve his niche in the independent music scene, leaving audiences eager for more of his sonic adventures.

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Official Website:

Spotify: Omer B

Instagram: omerbmusic

YouTube: Omer B Music

Distrokid: Groovy Stairs

Apple Music: Omer B

Facebook: OmerBMusic

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