RICHARD SCHRODER – “Skyline” Exclusive Review!

Sometimes you have to play a track several times before you fully appreciate some artists; some other times, you fall in love with their sound from the first time you listen to their music. Especially in country and rock music, there are so many elements that we must consider, such as the style, the songwriting skills, vocals, and lyrics. Still, the most important is the approach that these artists have towards their music and their audience. Music that matters, with timeless lyrics and genuine meaning, is every day rarer, but thanks to artists like Richard Schroder, we can still feel that buzz, that sparkle that makes a song become part of our life. Today, at Planet Singer, we have the great pleasure of listening to his EP “Skyline,” an excellent 6-track release out 2019 that marked a fundamental chapter in this brilliant artist’s career!


Richard Schroder is a talented Boston-based Nashville singer, songwriter, musician, and creative. Gifted with a unique style and exceptional songwriting skills, Schroder has broken through Nashville’s music scene with a series of excellent releases that proved his artistic versatility and maturity! “Skyline” is a great release that flows smoothly thanks to the fresh and modern arrangement of the tracks, the excellent production level, and an outstanding balance in the tracklist.

The Ep starts with the catchy “Almost An Angel,” an exciting track that will capture your attention from the very first seconds to the last one! The intense crescendo of the verses and the memorable vocal lines of the chorus make this track a perfect introduction of the Ep, that proceeds with the fierce “Let’s See How Far We Can Go,” the emotional “Don’t You Grow up on Me Now,” the positive vibes of “Stay Over,” and the beautiful mid-tempos of “Midnight Downpour” and it’s fantastic lyrics. “Hallelujah Skyline” closes the circle with another outstanding performance of Richard Schroder behind the microphone. “Skyline” is a truly impressive release, one of those everyone should listen to with an open mind and heart, and we can’t wait for Richard Schroder’s next release, and hopefully, a full-length release soon!

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