SANDRA ESPARZA – “Calling” Exclusive Review!

Some singers go straight to the heart of their listeners, thanks to their elegance and their talent. Sandra Esparza is one of those rare artists that can amaze since the first notes. Today at Planet Singer we had the big pleasure to listen to her song “Calling” a beautiful ballad from her latest album Just Sandra.

Sandra Esparza, originally from Upstate New York, is a talented singer and songwriter with a very unique style. Sandra is proof that most of the time, in art, less is more. To create something special you don’t need hundreds of instruments and crazy arrangements, if you have a pure voice, beautiful lyrics and a big talent, that’s all you need.

“Calling” is one of those songs that, just like all the other tracks in Just Sandra, tell a beautiful story with honesty and the simplicity that is the trademark of this talented singer. Deep lyrics and the outstanding performance of Sandra Esparza behind the microphone create a magic atmosphere, carrying the mind of the listener far away. The beautiful melody and the tasteful guitar accompaniment frame perfectly Sandra’s soulful vocals with the elegance and the purity that only big artists can achieve.

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Spotify: Sandra Esparza

YouTube: Sandra Esparza

Instagram: sandrablues96

Facebook: sandrablues96

Twitter: sandrablues96

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