DODDI – “U + I” Exclusive Review!

Good music is like wine, and every artist is a different type. In these terms, if we would describe Doddi and his music, we would say that we are talking about a whole cantine. Versatile and creative, Doddi is one of those artists that can change form, sound, and style based on the song he is creating. It is an immense pleasure to find this fantastic artist once again at Planet Singer; today, we have the great pleasure of listening to his latest release, “U + I,” another great release from Doddi’s first and last solo album “Last.

Doddi is a talented singer, songwriter, creative, radio host, and much, much more! Together with his alter ego, Love Guru, he creates incredible tracks that stand out thanks to the composition’s uniqueness and brilliant sound choices. A life dedicated to art and entertainment, Doddi’s creativity is unstoppable, and in his latest track, we can sense how versatile Doddi’s music can be.

“U + I” is one of those songs that reveals itself step by step, like a novel. In the video version (Murder Ballad), the great beat and mesmerizing synths embrace the whole composition, stealing the listeners’ attention from the very first second to the last one. Dreamy vocal lines and memorable lyrics give soul to this track, while Doddi interprets every word with charisma, revealing us, line after line, the intense story that this track portrays. The catchy bass line sustains the song fantastically, working as a bridge between the base’s rhythm and Doddi’s voice’s melodies.

“U + I” is also available in a rhythmless version, as “U + I”(youwilldie). In this great song’s variant, we can appreciate a more personal approach, where Doddi’s voice gets even closer, intense, and unforgettable. Supported only by the synths, this arrangement shows the meticulous work Doddi does on every single track he releases. “U + I” follows other fantastic tracks such as “The Last Dance” feat Una Stef, “Casablanca” and all its variants in the “Versions” Ep, and “Desire,” and we can’t wait for Doddi’s next release!

Check the links below and discover more about Doddi and his music, and don’t forget to add his tracks to your favorite playlists!

Spotify: Doddi

YouTube: Doddi Dodds

Twitter: Doddilitli

Facebook: djDoddilitli

Instagram: doddidodds

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