SFZ – “Altered” Exclusive Review!

Some artists use music to chase fame, money, and other temporary and futile pleasures. Some others make music to wake up the minds of those who chase fame, money, and futile pleasures. SFZ is one of those artists whose music puts society under the magnifying glass, and delivers, in every track, a cold shower of reality. Today at Planet Singer we have the opportunity to listen to his EP “Altered”, a very direct release that will be a must-have for all Hip Hop lovers out there!

SFZ is a talented producer and rapper originally from the UK. Trained as a classical pianist, his love for music covers multiple genres. Rap and Hip Hop become part of his DNA and the perfect vehicle to express his art! “Altered” is an interesting EP created during the coronavirus epidemic and signs an important step in the career of this multi-talented artist.

“Altered” EP contains six tracks that go straight into the head of the listener and remain there for a long time. The main characteristic of artists like SFZ is that their lyrics are so clear and well structured that the rhythm, mixed with the right word and the outstanding interpretation behind the microphone, delivers the message right at the first listening.

The opening track “No Reflection” tells a story and makes no compromises, delivers its message right in the face of the listeners. Moving to the second track we find “Poor” and its catchy lyrics, followed by the more “chilled” “Impulse” with the beautiful electric piano and arrangements, and the rawer and direct “DOM” where we appreciate SFZ’s great rapping. To follow we find “Dreams” with the fantastic beat and the smooth jazz arrangement on the background, and “Sweet Tomorrow” the last track of the EP, where we can appreciate again the incredible songwriting of SFZ and the fantastic work on the lyrics and beat!

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