THE KERRI TALES – “Thistle Girl” and “The Thing About You” Exclusive Review!

Music is much more than catchy riffs and nice melodies. While most of the new generation artists focus on these two elements, sometimes it happens to find rare gems of modern music; Artists like The Kerri Tales, an exciting Country-Rock band which shows the difference between mere entertainment and art. Their music is soulful and intense, and in their songs, we certainly feel that there is much more than just catchy riffs and beautiful melodies; The Kerry Tales is much more than that! Today, at Planet Singer, we have the great pleasure of listening to two of their latest singles, “Thistle Girl” and “The Thing About You,” two great tracks that show this great band’s versatility.

The Kerri Tales is an enthusiastic Rock/Country band from Vancouver Island. Led by charismatic singer Kerri Shannon, the group consists of guitarist Jim Kraneveldt and Keyboardist Graham White, refined musicians supported on stage by the metronomic rhythmic section of Art Van Volsen (Drums) and Dave Anderosov (Bass). The Kerri Tales shaped their sound between the best Classic Rock of the golden era, with Country vibes, revisited in a fresh and modern way with some influence of Pop and Soul! After many years in the Music Industry and a fantastic Music Curriculum, the band has a very distinctive sound and a spark that makes them one of the most authentic and genuine bands in their genre.

“Thistle Girl” is a beautiful track that Kerri’s voice is rich and warm, and the reverb on her voice and the fantastic backing vocals give the track the depth of the great productions, a vintage sound that like a good old wine accompanies the best evening with friends. Catchy guitar riffs and arpeggios alternate, supported by the fantastic atmosphere created by Graham and his Keyboards. Excellent rhythm and memorable melodies sustain the intense lyrics that shine thanks to the outstanding performance of Kerri Shannon behind the microphone!

It is time for some rock, and The Kerry Tales know how to fuel the fire. “The Thing About You” shows the band’s versatility, a completely different approach that proves their artistic maturity. Once again, we find Kerri’s fantastic performance that, after melodic verses, shows all the colors of her beautiful voice in the choruses and bridge. Rock riffs and excellent guitar solos supported by a solid rhythmic section remind to the most melodic Gun N Roses and Aerosmith, but with that distinctive and unique sound that is The Kerri Tales’ trademark! The future is bright for these incredible musicians, and we can’t wait for their next releases!

Check the links below and discover more about The Kerri Tales and their music, and don’t forget to add their songs to your favorite playlists!

Official Website:

Spotify: The Kerri Tales

Apple Music: The Kerri Tales

Facebook: The Kerri Tales

YouTube: The Kerri Tales

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