TWOFEW Strikes Gold with “LIPS BLUE”: A Masterpiece of Modern Rock! Exclusive Review!

We have been waiting for quite a long time for this moment, and finally, TWOFEW's full-length release is OUT NOW!

The contemporary rock music panorama is becoming an overcrowded and overloaded scene where many acts prioritize the quantity of their releases instead of focusing on the quality of the music they put out. Sometimes though, we have the pleasure of discovering some hidden gems, a band that blends innovation and authenticity. 

In our search for meaningful releases, the spotlight turns to Phoenix, Arizona, where the piano-rock quartet TWOFEW has left an indelible mark with their album, “LIPS BLUE,” a collection of nine soul-stirring tracks, this album not only solidifies TWOFEW’s position as a musical force in the contemporary and international Rock panorama but also stands, without a doubt, as one of the best releases of 2023.

Having previously enchanted audiences with singles like “The War,” “Fighting For,” “Feel,” and “We Were Loud,” TWOFEW’s unique ability to blend Rock, Pop, Blues, and Country Music has become their unmistakable fingerprint in the industry. Each track is a precious piece of art that captivates listeners, inviting them to rediscover the band’s sonic universe with every press of the play button.

The album starts with the mesmerizing vocal melodies of the title track “Lips Blue” a song that through meaningful lyrics, and memorable piano and guitar lines, insinuates deep in the listeners’ hearts, setting the route for a unique musical journey. The album proceeds with the brilliant and extremely contemporary “The War,” a song that everyone should listen to, especially high up in the palaces of power. The song is a bittersweet ballad that resonates even more now that the spotlight is pointed toward some of the major conflicts of modern history. “The War” is followed by “Fighting For,” another gem that shines bright in the tracklist. Important lyrics come to life thanks to Michael’s outstanding performance behind the microphone.

“Feel,” followed by the excellent “We Were Loud,” emerges as a jewel in contemporary rock music, with Michael Lazar’s distinctive piano playing setting the stage for an evocative journey. The song seamlessly weaves together alternative, rock, blues, and pop elements, creating a musical stream that resonates with power and authenticity. The vocals, lyrics, and instrumentals together paint a melancholic yet unforgettable soundscape that burrows into the memories and dreams of the listeners.

The album proceeds with the brilliant “Gone,” with its’ powerful and emotive arrangements, the rhythmic and energic “On The Run,” with its incredible solos, and another impressive performance of Michael. “Dreaming” and “Save The World” close the album, earning their place in a solid tracklist, and leaving the listeners in a state of awe, as if, after a long journey through deep and powerful emotions, a ray of light leads toward a new, brighter new day. The refined arrangement, superb songwriting, and the unmistakable touch of Michael Lazar’s vocals make TWOFEW’s sound instantly recognizable.

TWOFEW, initially conceived by the talented Michael Lazar, has evolved into a dynamic musical project with a solid lineup united by a unique synergy that is nothing short of magical. “LIPS BLUE” is the culmination of TWOFEW’s journey, a masterpiece that perfectly balances their incredible songwriting skills and artistic maturity. As we navigate through the tracks, the album unveils a sonic tapestry where every song is a chapter in a captivating story, everyone’s story. “LIPS BLUE” by TWOFEW is undeniably one of the best albums of 2023. As we eagerly await their next project, it’s evident that TWOFEW’s journey is one marked by artistic brilliance and an unyielding dedication to their music and audience. Well done, TWOFEW; you’ve created a musical masterpiece that will undoubtedly echo in the hearts of listeners for years to come.

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