ALEX VANTRUE – “Replay” Exclusive Review!

Life, just like love, often challenges us. It takes us through narrow paths just to show us that it all starts from us and ends, somehow, with us. We are the sum of our experiences, the collage of all the ups and downs we have been though. We are our past and everything we’ve learned. We are our present and our dreams. This makes us the persons we are. Sometimes, though, we are also witnesses of circumstances, victims of someone else’s decision, and the only thing we can do is carry on, despite the scars that will never heal. James Fairchild had the strength to look forward, step by step, cherishing what of beautiful life has to offer and keeping his hopes alive. Just like all big artists do, James has the gift of turning his emotions and feelings into music. He recently teamed up with talented singer Alex VanTrue to create something unique. Today, at Planet Singer, we have the big pleasure of listening to “Replay”, a very emotional track that sees the collaboration of the talented songwriter James Fairchild and the exceptional vocalist Alex VanTrue.

James Fairchild is one of those artists that use music for a higher purpose, sharing with the world true emotions capturing frames of his life into powerful lyrics and intense melodies. “Replay” is more than a song, it is part of him. It is a time machine that takes him back to 1983 when he had to face the loss of what would have been his child and assist and accept the end of a very intense relationship. This track not only tells us a painful story, but it also reminds us that, no matter how hard life can get, we must always look forward, carrying on with our lives and be ready for love to come back to us, once again, because love always finds his way back.

“Replay” is an incredible track! The fantastic arrangement and the powerful production make of this song one of the best rock tracks of 2020! Emotional, intense, and energetic, this song shines thanks to the magnificent interpretation of Alex VanTrue behind the microphone. His voice is powerful and intense, warm, and rich. Gifted with an incredible vocal range, stamina, and fantastic interpretational skills, Alex turned these beautiful lyrics into a rare gem of rock music! We really hope that the incredible songwriting of James Fairchild and the enormous talent of Alex VanTrue will meet again, joining their talents to create, hopefully, a full-length album!

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