RHYTHM AFFAIR – “Moirai” Exclusive Review!

The first time we listened to Rhythm Affair, we had a blast with excellent tracks such as “Precious Day,” “Sold to the Man,” “Her Grave,” and “This Livens Up the Day,” great releases that are a must-have for all Blues lovers! Today, we are thrilled to share with you one of their latest releases, “Moirai,” an evocative, intense, and engaging single from their album “Crapping Out.”

Some bands are different; they don’t follow the trends set by social or digital algorithms. Bands like Rhythm Affair have complete control of what they create, releasing only what they feel, a pure and uncontaminated translation of their artistry. Blues and much more than that, the band can incorporate indie and psychedelic vibes in their songs, discovering new soundscapes, captivating the listeners’ attention from the first note to the last!

“Moirai” is another brilliant track added to the band’s discography. From the iconic arpeggios of the introduction to Tulsa Flood’s warm voice of the first verse, everything is perfectly balanced, convincing, and refined! The beautiful strings arrangement sustains the excellent first solo, leading to the second verse, where an inspired Tulsa interprets the intense lyrics with another outstanding performance. The song flows smoothly, with a crescendo of strings, guitar solos, and a solid rhythmic section where drums and bass guitar become fundamental pillars to sustain the melody.

The song, written by Matt Brady and Mason Kirk, with the excellent lyrics and narrative written by Tulsa Flood, shines thanks to the 80s rock ballads’ style arrangement. “Moirai,” tells the story of a man who opens up his heart to his dream girl only to be rejected. The narrative is distinctly represented by these talented musicians, with the beautiful arpeggios describing the sincere feelings and story, while the distortion and guitar riffs of the second part of the song represent the rejection. Rhythm Affair did a fantastic job composing, arranging, and performing this excellent track, and we can’t wait for their full-length to be released!

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Official Website:  www.rhythmaffair.net

Facebook: Deonrhythmaffair

YouTube: Rhythm Affair

Spotify: Rhythm Affair

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