Talented Artist Michael M Jeni Releases Vibrant AfroPop Single “No Friends” – Exclusive Review!

AfroPop, short for African Pop, is a genre of popular music that incorporates elements of traditional African music styles with contemporary Western pop music influences. It often features infectious rhythms, catchy melodies, and upbeat tempos, making it highly danceable and enjoyable. AfroBeat is a genre of music that originated in Nigeria in the late 1960s and early 1970s, popularized by the legendary Nigerian musician Fela Kuti.

It is characterized by its fusion of traditional Yoruba music, highlife, jazz, funk, and psychedelic rock, creating a powerful and energetic sound. AfroBeat is known for its complex rhythms, driving percussion, and socially conscious lyrics that address political and social issues. The genre continues to thrive today, with modern artists, such as talented Michael M Jeni, putting their own spin on the classic sound.

With the recent release of his excellent single “No Friends,” talented artist, engineer, and producer Michael M Jeni is securing his name as one of the best artists in the international music scene. With his new single, Michael M Jeni effortlessly embodies the essence of these genres, infusing his music with irresistible energy and undeniable charisma.


“No Friends” is a brilliant track; from the moment the beat drops, listeners are drawn into a world of pulsating rhythms and infectious grooves. Michael’s captivating vocals effortlessly glide over the melody, delivering poignant lyrics that deeply resonate with the listeners. Michael’s ability to seamlessly blend traditional AfroPop elements with modern production techniques creates a sound that feels both timeless and contemporary. With its catchy hooks and brilliant arrangement, “No Friends” is a brilliant track that showcases Michael’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of AfroPop and AfroBeat music.


Michael M Jeni is undoubtedly one of the most convincing AfroPop and AfroBeat artists of his generation. With his infectious beats, captivating lyrics, and undeniable charisma, he knows how to stand out. Keep an eye out for Michael M Jeni because this is just the beginning of a remarkable music career!

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