DODDI & WEEKENDSON – “Friends” Exclusive Review!

Real artists transcend the limits of genres and styles, giving complete freedom to their artistic flow, and exploring, inventing, changing, and adapting towards what their art needs to be. Prioritizing the meaning instead of appearance makes music matters and makes songs timeless and memorable. We had the pleasure to listen to Doddi’s latest singles, and every time he releases a new song, we discover a new side, a new meaning, and a new purpose of his art. Today, at Planet Singer, we have the great pleasure of listening to his latest single, “Friends,” together with Weekendson and the support of other incredible artists!


From the extreme energy of his duet with his alter ego Love Guru, to the exciting “Casablanca (Italo Disco),” the intense “U + I,” and the beautiful “Game Of Love,” every song seems to describe an incredible journey in the mind of this talented artist. Doddi is back with another Hit, showing once again his versatility and creativity. With this song, Doddi and his good friend Weekendson translated into melody and lyrics the feelings we all feel towards someone who’s essential in our lives and supports us in the good and bad moments. “Friends” is one of those songs everyone should listen to and share to thank in a special way those who make our life better.

Starting with the beautiful guitar riffs and vocal harmonies, “Friends” introduces us to captivating soundscapes and the intense and emotional vocal lines that take life thanks to Doddi’s outstanding performance behind the microphone! The verses and choruses’ meaningful lyrics find their climax in one of the most beautiful words that exist, “Thank You,” a powerful message that goes straight to the heart of the listeners!

Friends from different countries joined Doddi and Weekendson in this exciting project, contributing with their talent and turning this track into an explosion of positivity. This beautiful Pop-Rock ballad is intense and captivating, enriched by powerful backing vocals, a solid rhythmic section, and an outstanding guitar solo! “Friends” is a great track, also thanks to the fundamental contribution of the incredible artists that took part in the project; In the song, we have the pleasure of listening to the excellent female vocalists ÍrisEy and Inger (Iceland), the fretless bass played by Claudio Perini (Italy), drummer Graham Charles Brooke (Manchester, UK), and excellent Ricardo Giarratana (Toronto, Canada) who played the synths. A big bravo also goes to Tijan Jazadzievski (Wise audio lab) for the brilliant mixing and mastering work! Doddi once again showed us that music that comes from the heart removes all limits and truly affects people’s lives positively and uniquely! Well done, guys!

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Spotify: Doddi

YouTube: Doddi Dodds

Twitter: Doddilitli – Weekendson

Facebook: djDoddilitli – weekendson1

Instagram: doddidoddsweekendsonmusic

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